The key criteria
Here are the reasons why this is an excellent opportunity to make an astute investment in an outstanding venture.

Why choose the Fitzwilliam brand as a partner?
We maintain excellent relationships with Fitzwilliam Hotel owners.
Our hotels are colourful, not vanilla or sterile.
Our guests are incredibly loyal.
We are committed to the purity of the brand.
Our hotels consistently out-perform our competitors.
Our senior management team is focussed on the bottom line.
We are dedicated to enhanced staff training and development.
Our hotels provide superior service without formality.

What are the mandatory elements?
The hotel must be in a prime location in the city centre
It must have 150-250 keys.
We will have a full management contract so that we can maximise your return.
The highest quality systems and customer service must be implemented.

What are the tangible attributes?
The business will be staffed by outstanding people.
The hotel will be renowned for excellent service.
Striking and elegant design will be paramount.

What are the intangible attributes?
The customer is king in a caring, guest-focused culture.
Every contact with the hotel is an inimitable experience.
Every guest will feel an intrinsic loyalty to the hotel.

This is a rare opportunity to own a luxury hotel that will be planned, operated and supported by one of the best brands in the industry.