“ From the first day I worked here I was told that our guests’ happiness is the most important thing. Every one of us has to remember that whenever we do anything and I was surprised how much more I enjoy my job when I see what a difference that makes.
Chris Smith, Receptionist,
Fitzwilliam Hotel, Belfast

“ The Fitzwilliam is a complete package. It’s a design ethos, an attitude to service, an approach to customer care, a guest-centric way of succeeding. From choice of location to ongoing support, we really couldn’t have asked for more.
June Burgess, Owner
Fitzwilliam Hotel, Belfast

“ Being a consultant, I stay in hotels all the time in various parts of the world. The Fitzwilliam’s extremely friendly staff with a genuine proactive personalised service makes me feel ‘at home’ and taken care of. High quality and professional service is a given. I am very pleased and would highly recommend The Fitzwilliam.
Dhruv Chowdhary, Consultant,
Ernst & Young